Meet your Neighbors

We are pleased to introduce you to some of the current & future residents of Birds of a Feather Community through photos and testimonials about what they love about Birds of a Feather's "magical" LGBT community. We invite you to meet us in person and tour our community. We are singles and couples... all LGBT'S. And, of course, our friends & families are welcome, too.

References to "BoaF" are an abbreviation for Birds of a Feather Community in all of the following testimonials.


Bonnie… some 20 years later

Birds of a Feather Meet Your Neighbors!

Birds of a Feather Community began more than twenty-eight years ago as my vision to create a special and “magical” community for LGBT's to have a safe place to live, play and belong.

Although finding the right location was extremely important, I knew that the property and infrastructure would only be the framework for the community... it would be the people that would make up the heart and soul of the community! In 1999, I discovered an amazing 160-acre pine-forested property just a short drive from Santa Fe and surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Santa Fe National Forest property. After a very long process of getting subdivision approvals from State and County agencies and installing infrastructure improvements, I began lot sales in 2004 and sold all eighteen lots in Phase I by 2006. In 2012, I continued the growth of our community by offering the first lots in Phase II, which I'm calling Hawk's Landing at Birds of a Feather Community. As of March 2023, there are a total of 26 lots in Phase II, and 18 lots in Phase I, making a total of 44 lots in Birds of a Feather's LGBTQ community. There won't be any additional lots added in the future, so please let me know if you are interested in coming for a visit and securing one of our last available lots for your future home site! As of March 2023 there are eight re-sale lots currently available for purchase.

Birds of a Feather Meet Your Neighbors! It has been a very long journey to see my dream become a reality, but worth every minute of my time to see the community “come to life” with the many wonderful people that have become a part of “our flock”. As you read the testimonials from some of our current and future residents, you will discover that they too, were initially drawn to Birds of a Feather because of the community concept and our magnificent property and location, but ended up being totally taken in by the warm and caring people... their neighbors with whom they have developed friendships to last a lifetime!

Renee and Nancy

Renne and Nancy

Coming from South Carolina where LGBTQ communities can struggle for recognition, Renee and Nancy are looking forward to living with y’all at Birds of a Feather. Married since 2015 (thank you SCOTUS!) and together since 2002, we have been traveling across the country for many years and it goes without saying that we fell in love with Santa Fe at first sight. The vibrant artistic community and the way in which the desert nestles up against the gorgeous Sangre de Cristo Mountains sealed the deal.

Nancy is a philosophy professor (specializing in ethics and feminist theory) and Renee a successful entrepreneur (owner of a driving school and co-owner of a software development company). Our vegan lifestyle represents a shared commitment to a more compassionate world for animals and to healthy living. We love to play outside: road bike, mountain bike, hike, and cross-country travel in an RV.

We look forward to building a new life in a community where we feel accepted and safe. Can’t wait!

Renee and Nancy

Dina & Tama

Dina & TamaLike many of you, we had been in search of the perfect retirement community for some years, preferably somewhere our dollars would stretch more than in San Diego. We stumbled onto Birds after doing a search in 2019, but our busy lives essentially pushed the thought temporarily out of mind. Then in April 2022, after a particularly grueling work week for Tama, she pulled the website up again and announced that we needed to book a trip to New Mexico to check it out. Two emails with Bonnie later, we were all set to come see the last resale lot she had available on the following Sunday. We arrived early to check the town out, drove up to the National Forest for a look at the river, and the universe gifted us with a flat tire courtesy of a treble fish hook. We learned first hand how friendly and helpful the people of Pecos are when we pulled over at a garage sale and had a woman call her husband to come change our tire on a sleepy Sunday when nothing else was opened. So, we were already “feelin the love" when we pulled into Bonnie’s drive for our tour of the beautiful Birds of a Feather community, and by that evening our offer on Lot 6 was done.

Tama is a Regional Business Lead and civil engineer specializing in water reuse for an engineering consulting firm. Dina is a Realtor, substitute teacher for Autism Spectrum kids, and a woodworker. We’ve been together for 10 years and have 5 kids between us, the last 2 of which just graduated high school. We hope to build no later than 2024 and can’t wait for the chance to connect with nature, make new friends, and slow down a little. We’re also considering letting our kids know how to find us, but that’s TBD. Okay fine, we’ll tell them.  :)

We look forward to getting to know all of our new neighbors and we’re working hard to get there as soon as we possibly can!

Jacob & Joey

Joey and Jacob currently reside in Santa Fe, NM, but they have been searching for a more secluded and quieter place to call “home”. Joey was born and raised in northern New Mexico, moved around some and came back to Santa Fe to be close to home. Jacob lived in TN before serving in the military for 7+ years. Eventually, his journeys led him to Santa Fe. While looking for available land and houses in the area, we stumbled across the BOAF community and decided to check it out. The care and attention that has gone into developing and maintaining BOAF sold us immediately. Bonnie provided a wonderful, informative tour that showcased the beauty of the area and the work that has gone into building an inclusive and caring community.

Our careers currently allow us to mostly remain at home during the day with our dog, Tuxedo. Joey works in media arts and public affairs, and Jacob works in corporate finance. We plan to build within the next several years on HL lot 11 and look forward to meeting all those that are part of the BOAF community.

Jaqui & Tamar

We are Seattlites who love our home, but want to live the next part of our lives under a little more sun and little less rain. We both love the outdoors, and want to be able to spend time in nature throughout the year. We'll be in Seattle for a few more years, watching our amazing teenage son grow up, but once he moves on to bigger and better things, we're ready to pick up and move somewhere new.

We've been exploring places all over the country, and some places outside the country, but nothing seemed right. Then we came across BOAF on one of our searches and almost bought a lot sight unseen! Just to be safe I flew out for a whirlwind 24 hour visit, and was amazed by how beautiful the place is. We decided that this was an opportunity that we'd regret missing, so we purchased lot 24!

Jaqui will be retiring from the corporate world, and plans to pursue her love of animals, art, and woodworking. Tamar plans to continue to practice as a naturopathic physician in Washington state, now that telemedicine has become a real option. We look forward to getting to spend many years enjoying the beautiful NM outdoors and getting to know the BOAF community.


The first time I visited Santa Fe was in 2015 and, it was LOVE at first breath! Since then, I have visited many times with thoughts about the possibilities of living in the area at some future date.

A few of my dearest friends and I had also been “kicking around” the idea of living together in an active, supportive, community style living situation for the long-term. Then in 2020, my friends and “soulful” companions Anne, Kelly & Chris discovered Birds of a Feather community located just outside of Santa Fe and, bought lots there. I wasn't quite ready to purchase yet, but fast forward to 2021 when a rare opportunity to purchase one of the smaller lots (2) presented itself, and with the assistance of Bonnie, and my dear friends, I, too, became a member of the community.

In a few years, my friends and I are planning to begin building our homes at around the same time. There is so much to look forward to in the future!

I currently live in Ventura California where I am a Functional Nutrition Health Practitioner trained in alternative primary care using Nutritional, Holistic, and Homeopathic Medicine approaches. My studies continue today with extensive work in the field of Spiritual Psychology through programs at the University of Santa Monica. Using the practices and principles of USM in my daily life, I’ve found clarity of intention; to deepen my awareness, understanding, and ability to live and work inside the spiritual context, focus on the blessings in my life and continue to ask Spirit to help me see how I can best serve.

Originally from New Jersey, I moved to California when I was 16 years old. I'm an avid equestrian and animal lover. I enjoy spending free time visiting my Mother in Sonoma, out riding with my two horses, Athena and Aurora, both Mustangs, walking on the beach or hiking with my dog Maya, impromptu road trips, reading, meditation, playing piano, and listening to awe-inspiring music.

As a service-driven person with interests in all things mind, body, and spirit, you’ll find I'm frequently involved with educational courses that support living a powerful, purpose-based life filled with joy, health, and abundance.

I look forward to meeting everyone one day very soon!!

Kim & Amy

Several years ago we started looking for an area to live after retirement. We both love Santa Fe and even got married there in 2014. We were thrilled when we found Birds! We visited the community in April 2021 and knew we were in the right place for us.

We plan to choose our builder and have plans drawn this year 2022, and begin building our home in 2023. After living and working in the city of Dallas for over 30 years (Kim as an OR nurse and Amy as a police officer) we look forward to being surrounded by nature and peace.

Deborah & Myrta

Our journey to birds of a feather was before a lot was even available. As a younger lesbian couple we thought how cool that would be to be in a gay/lesbian neighborhood. But life had other plans. We went from New Jersey to Florida and bought a B&B, then a restaurant and yet another business. We bought an RV and in looking at gay/lesbian camping grounds, Birds of a Feather crossed the screen.

I said Myrta do you remember this? 16 years ago? And after living in a straight hoa development and building a house there, it still wasn't home, so we sold it and bought a farm and now have alpacas, chickens, ducks, and rabbits. It was great during covid when everything was closed and we had that to keep us busy, but still we couldn't walk down the road holding hands.

So I looked up birds of a feather a few months ago and saw one lot that was large enough for our needs since we are currently on 3 acres. We bought it! As a home care, hospice RN we will age in place and be with our extended future family. And as a chef we will eat well! Dinner at our house!

Myrta & I are so looking forward to meeting all of you and a shout out to Bonnie for making this happen as we begin our new chapter in gay heaven!

Pam & Diane

Pam and Diane are two university professors who suddenly decided to retire after life circumstances that made both realize that they were getting older, a lot older, and that it was time to do something else in life other than work all the time. They have been together since 1995.

In November 2021, Diane had gone to her brother’s funeral in SC and realized the importance of community and belonging. On her return, she explored options for an intentional community. Meanwhile, Pam fell and fractured her kneecap while Diane was gone, putting her in a somewhat helpless condition. She managed to drive herself to the orthopedic center but found that she couldn’t even feed the dogs when she returned home, so she had to ask for help (not her strong suit) until Diane returned home. When Diane arrived home, she couldn’t wait to tell Pam about Birds. Pam was a bit dumbfounded since there had never been any discussion about retirement or moving. Diane said she was realizing how much time (or not) she and Pam had left. Both thought it would be wonderful to live in community with like-minded and accepting folks. After talking briefly with Bonnie and with a few email exchanges, Diane and Pam put earnest money on a BOAF lot, sight unseen. Within a month, they put their house/equestrian center/B&B on the market. They went to see the lot in January, purchased it, and identified a builder for their new home.

Diane is a social worker who was raised in the rural south and began her career as a clinical social worker in NYC. Pam is a public health nurse, born and raised in the Detroit area in a very segregated community where the only black people she ever saw were maids. She always knew she wanted to do public health; she worked in Detroit for 15 years during the time of race riots and burning parts of the city. Both are products of the 1960’s.

Diane and Pam are very excited to join BOAF—they only wish it could happen tomorrow. But…..patience is a virtue—or so they hear.

Justin & Ryan

We are MN boys ready for something new. For the last few years we have been exploring options for a change of scenery (and climate) and have always been interested in building our own home. When we stumbled on Birds of a Feather last year when doing research for our road trip from Albuquerque to Salt Lake City and knew we had to stop and see what the community had to offer. We had a great conversation with Bonnie before we left on our trip and arranged for a tour during our stay. We arrived a little early and decided to take a drive along the lovely Pecos river. It was so peaceful and beautiful that it further confirmed we had found a place worth exploring further. Since Bonnie was vacationing in Minnesota at the time, we were warmly welcomed by a new resident (Sue) who gave us a fantastic and very informative tour of the community. We planned a second longer visit to confirm our suspicion that we had found “the place” – but interest in the community seemed to pick up and we didn’t want to miss our opportunity - so we dove in an purchased lot 15 at Hawks Landing with the hope to build in the next 3-5 years with the intent to move permanently within 7 years.

We are busy planning our future home with the help of Justin’s cousin who is an architect. We are excited for our next visit and can’t wait to get more involved in the community as we embark on the building process. We have a couple of friends in Santa Fe we hope to see more often and are very excited for the future in this fantastic community.

We currently live in a quiet suburb outside of Minneapolis with our two dogs, Stanley and Frankie. We both hold down corporate jobs to pay the bills and fund our future – but can’t say we love the grind. We hope this move will coincide with a total change in our focus – and we are working hard to make that happen sooner rather than later. We look forward to a new home base from which to embark on road-trips, hikes, exploration of new places, foods and experiences, and hopefully new friends and a supportive community.


I was raised in Los Angeles and still live in the area in the City of Long Beach. I enjoy living near the ocean and all it affords, especially walking at the beach and stand-up paddle boarding (ask me about the shark story when we meet.)

I have researched LGBTQ retirement communities all over the US for two years and when I found Birds of a Feather, I knew it was where I wanted to buy. I first snow skied in Taos and was drawn to New Mexico in the late 1990s. I made sure to stop in Santa Fe every ski trip.

I work as a technical engagement manager overseeing software engagements for our clients. I have two cats I found at five weeks old close to death. By the time they were healthy I was hopelessly in love with them. I currently live in an urban area and having a 2nd home in New Mexico will be a welcome change from city life. I look forward to hiking, snow skiing, photography, trees, quiet and all my new neighbors.

Deb & Jen

We always knew we wanted to end up out west.  Deb had been following Birds for many years.  When we came to visit in December of 2021, Jen insisted that we were only looking and definitely NOT buying land on this trip.  Fast forward to standing on Lot 25 of Hawk’s Landing on the most beautiful afternoon with the most incredible blue sky.  Before dinner that night, we had contacted Bonnie with our intention to purchase the property.  As so many here have said, it just felt like home.

We love the mountains and are looking forward to spending more time outside hiking and maybe even learning to fly fish.  We also enjoy biking, games, wooden puzzles, craft beer and photography.  We like to travel and the National Parks are our favorite destinations! Jen is currently a middle school science teacher and Deb is an attorney.  We live on the east coast where we are busy watching our five kids (aged 18-20!!) start their lives.  

  We plan on building in the next few years but we are already excited about the possibilities.  We are looking forward to living in the community and exploring all that the area has to offer.

Misty & Tammy

Hi, Y’all!

We are Texas Girls, but ready to escape to NM!

We started looking for a more inclusive place to live in January of 2021. After being locked down for so long, we took our first vacation to NM and looked at Birds while we were there in June.

Driving onto the property, we were so moved by the beauty and how well the neighborhood was kept. Standing on our future lot for the first time brought tears of joy!

We own a CBD company and hope to continue to build our brand in New Mexico. We are excited to soon live in a beautiful and welcoming community!

Sue & Karen

We have lived in the beautiful wine country of northern California and on the island of Kauai. As the time came to choose a retirement home neither Hawaii or California seemed right for us. Sue had been following the Birds development for several years so it was one of the retirement communities we visited in the Spring of 2021.

Bonnie took us on a tour - we were in separate cars because of the pandemic. She answered the many questions we had and as we seeped ourselves in the quiet of Birds we knew we were home. The only questions now were what lot to buy, when could we engage a contractor and would building materials be available. We purchased Lot 10 and returned home to Sonoma to begin drawing plans. Bonnie called to tell us that a rental property in Pecos might be available for us to live in while we were building our home at Birds. She also mentioned that the couple who owned the Pecos rental property were also selling their home in Birds! We quizzed Bonnie about the house and to make a long story short we bought the house on Lot 15 and moved in the fall of 2021.

We moved with our three dogs and a parrot and love the fact that we can go out the door and have a lovely walk with our pups in the beautiful forest surrounding us. We enjoy the outdoors and especially look forward to doing some fly fishing.

We feel so lucky to be at Birds and are grateful to Bonnie for making this community a reality. Everyone has been so welcoming offering advice, making suggestions but most of all offering friendship. We love the peace and quiet along with the dark night skies.

Dennis & Henry

For several years we had been preparing for an early retirement with the goal of traveling the world full time, moving from country to country as we felt the desire. Once we tired of travel we would then return and search for the perfect place to build a permanent retirement home. As the time drew close we sold our San Francisco home, moved into a small apartment and retired from professional careers (Henry as a Lab Technician and Dennis as a Finance Director). As luck would have it, when we were embarking upon our first major trip, the COVID pandemic struck. After a year of lockdown in our city apartment, we realized that we would need to completely change our plans and start with the building of our permanent dream home. A life of exotic travel would have to wait until later.

We had noticed the Birds of a Feather website a few years earlier and were very intrigued with the idea of becoming part of a tight knit, age-in-place LGBT community. In the Spring of 2021, thinking this may be the place for us to build our home, we decided to go on a week long road trip to explore the Santa Fe area and tour Birds of a Feather. Long story short, we loved it and purchased Hawk’s Landing lot 4 after our first visit.

Fast forward about six months and we returned for our first post purchase visit to begin scoping out the home building process. We met up with several of the current residents to learn from their experiences ……… and WOW, they were all amazing. Some of the most helpful, genuine and talented people we have encountered in a long time. Bonnie’s goal to create a “magical community for LGBTs” isn’t just a vision. It’s already here and we can’t wait to be a part of it.


I first came to Birds in the spring of 2021 with friends who were interested in the community. We each ended up buying lots!

Being from progressive Northern California, having an LGBT community wasn’t the biggest factor for me, water was. I was impressed to learn about the deep prolific wells. That on top of the beautiful setting, climate, availability of outdoor activities and proximity to Santa Fe sold me. As I spent more time there I learned of other benefits as well, less ticks and mosquitoes, no fleas, plus I just felt better in the clean air. And the people! Everyone was warm, welcoming and very helpful with my questions on building. I look forward the starting the process as soon as is feasible.

Kelly & Anne

Kelly and Anne As “women of a certain age”, our dreams of the future began to include how we want to spend our golden years. In 2019, while conducting a late night web crawl for LGBTQ retirement options, we stumbled upon the Birds of a Feather website. We quickly realized that in Birds, Bonnie had created the type of active living community that we sought: nature based, nearby arts and culture, close proximity to good medical facilities and airports, and most importantly, a safe space to “age in place”. In December 2019, we arranged a tour with Bonnie and put Hawk’s Landing Lot 19 "under contract" on the very same day.

We currently live in Ventura County, California and are both criminal justice professors at separate colleges. Anne began her professional career as an urban park ranger and police academy instructor before transitioning into full time teaching. Kelly began her professional career as an actress, which naturally transitioned into joining the FBI, then the Federal Public Defender’s Office, while concurrently establishing private practices as both a marriage and family therapist (MFT) and a private investigator. She also suffers from under-achiever syndrome.

We love traveling, Broadway shows, dogs (all animals, really), hiking, nature, reading, and are both nerdy about various topics, notably musicals and crime. The latter, a byproduct of our careers. We view life as a wonderful adventure and approach it with an attitude of curiosity, compassion, flexibility, and above all, a sense of humor. We are deeply grateful to be a part of Birds and Bonnie’s vision of a way of living that embodies a sense of shared community. We’re hoping to begin building in the next couple of years.

Lorraine & Val

We had fallen in love with Santa Fe a few years back but only discovered Birds of a Feather this year (2019) when googling LGBTQ retirement communities. We flew in to see the property, met Bonnie, and felt this well planned, rural and wooded community was exactly right for us, We signed a contract to purchase our lot (22 of Hawk's Landing) the same day and are are delighted to begin our journey towards building a home and joining the Birds of a Feather Community.

We currently live on our horse ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains of California where Val is a Clinical Psychologist and the CEO of Stand InBalance, which provides equine assisted psychotherapy. Lorraine is a clinical psychologist, and previously a registered nurse. She has been the Associate Clinical Director of a Mental Health Agency and specializes in teaching and supervising couple’s work.

Gaye & Gail

Gaye and Gail

Deciding where to live so we can age in place is a big deal. We considered all kinds of options, but nothing felt right. There were so many considerations…lifestyle, community, culture, cost, weather, traffic, services, etc. We discovered the Birds of a Feather website in 2019 and arranged to meet Bonnie and tour the community. We never expected to find a place that met all of our retirement criteria. The proximity to Santa Fe is phenomenal as is the natural beauty of the Birds of a Feather development and beautiful homes going up. But it was the idea of a supportive community and companionship for our aging years that drove our decision. Or, perhaps it was when we learned of the daily group dog walks! After 2 visits and plenty of discernment, we decided to buy a lot.

We currently live in a semi-rural area of Colorado so the transition to living in New Mexico will be nearly seamless. We can still enjoy mountains, fabulous sunsets, arts, culture, music, golf, hiking, biking, skiing and more. Gail is retired from a dual career in aerospace engineering and rehabilitating lame horses. Gaye works at home for a company involved in wildlands conservation, and has had, for years, a mysterious vision of living in a pine forest, which was a bit bewildering until recently!

We were blown away by the gracious reception when we got to meet some of our neighbors a few weeks ago. We plan to build our new home in 2-3 years. We can’t stop talking about this new adventure.


What is it like
to arrive at a place,
a space,
where you have never been before,
and yet, to know
in that moment
when gates open and time stops,
that you are home?
I call on kindred spirits
animal, plant, mineral
to help me build
and grow in this place
to define a space
that is inclusive
that embraces truth,
change, and letting go.
There is no place else
I’d rather be.
Right here.
Right now.
*Satyagraha = The force that is generated through adherence to truth. (M. Gandhi)

Lara & Jeannette

Jeannette and LaraLong before Jeannette met Lara, she had discovered Birds of a Feather and dreamed of retiring after a long career in one of the most beautiful places in the United States, fully free to be herself among fellow LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors. Years before Lara met Jeannette, she had her sights on retirement and searched the internet for an LGBTQ+ community, where she has always felt most at ease. She found Birds of a Feather. It only took about 8 years of being partners then spouses for us to realize that we had the same vision for what seemed liked years away. And here we are, taking steps towards our dream so that our retirement home will be ready when we are. 

  We currently live and work in Denver, Colorado. Lara is a Spatial Ecologist and works for the Federal Government. After many years as a Professor of Medicine, Jeannette now has her own community based primary care and geriatric practice. We have a love of the outdoors and are avid hikers, with our pups Koi and Madonna. Our senior feline princess monitors all of our activities. We also spend our time socializing with friends, traveling, reading, baking, gardening, and birding. We are looking forward to being a part of the Birds Community and contributing to Bonnie’s vision.


PattiI had researched various retirement communities throughout the United States for the past couple of years and I visited 2 other communities. As I researched and spoke with my children and friends, a magnet continuously drew me to Birds. I am not a "beach" person and I enjoy the seasons, having spent my life in the Northeast. Every time I visited or looked at different places, I found myself comparing the community to Birds, even before I visited.

I finally took the leap and visited in August 2020. My daughter and I first traveled around Santa Fe before heading out to Birds. What a wonderful city.

Amid the pandemic, Bonnie used her creativity and ingenuity to help keep us safe during our tour of BoaF by using separate cars and walkie talkies to converse. That helped make our visit meaningful despite not being able to meet other residents of the community. When my daughter and I drove around Birds, I felt such a sense of peaceful tranquility that is difficult to explain or imagine. As soon as we got to Lot 14 at Hawks Landing, we looked at each other and via "walkie talkie" asked Bonnie if we could get out of our car and look around.

That was it. I placed a deposit on Lot 14 and within a couple of months, I purchased it!

My hope is to begin building in early spring of 2021. A member of the community has already reached out and she has been remarkably helpful as there is lots to consider. I frequently look at pictures of Lot 14 and look forward to living among like minded folks.



It’s been about 10 years since I stumbled upon Bonnie’s Birds of a Feather website, which I found to be fascinating!  I immediately joined the newsletter distribution in order to keep tabs on this tremendous idea nestled within this fabulous location!

I wasn’t yet looking for retirement property in earnest, but the idea of finding a community with like-minded, caring individuals in the serene setting of the “Land of Enchantment” was just too good to pass up.

Fast forward 10 years and my situation has changed and I was in a position to start making plans on what the next chapter of my life was going to look like. I contacted Bonnie and arranged to visit Birds of a Feather in September of 2015.  Needless to say,.. they had me at “Hello”!  The beauty, the development (planned and actual), and especially the feeling of community had me hooked!  I purchased my lot during that first visit and plan to build my forever home over the next couple of years!

I have already experienced the welcoming assistance from many of the community members and plan to visit again soon to network within the community and explore my options for building my dream home!

Di and Tammy

tammy and di

We are looking forward to breaking ground this fall. As many here have mentioned, this place feels like home to us. Include the appeal of living in a community of like minded people, the beautiful landscape, the opportunity for outdoor activities, and the opportunity to build the home of our dreams and it seems too good to be true! We will be part timers for a while until we are both retired and can’t wait to become permanent residents. Thanks Bonnie, for creating a magnificent community in a magnificent place!

Steve & Greg

The best laid plans…

When rehabbing and redesigning our house outside of Chicago to be elder-friendly and ready for retirement back in 2008, who could have guessed that beginning to search for a vacation property would translate into early retirement and relocation to a new home at Birds of a Feather!?

Climate, weather and natural beauty put the Santa Fe region on our list of possibilities. An LGBT community where we wouldn’t be at risk of the discrimination that can crop-up in some mainstream retirement/resort communities (and a community that survived the recession when so many didn’t) certainly got our attention. Then we discovered that the property was only 10 miles off the route we were about to drive on the way to a vacation in Phoenix. Sometimes you just have to accept that providence/fate/destiny are trying to tell you something!

Our first visit to Birds of a Feather was a 2-hour drive by…literally! Bonnie gave us the 50 cent tour and it was obvious that this woman had created something extraordinary. Her passion for the development of the community was infectious. After that first visit we spent several months discussing the possibilities, analyzing the finances and beginning to design a house just to see if the whole plan was even possible. Pictures of the community and surrounding area began to pepper our fridge and soon became screen savers and desktops on home and work computers. Work and family pressures all seemed to conspire to increase the appeal and urgency of early retirement and building our own slice of tranquility at BoaF.

Almost one year later in 2015, we determined that we couldn’t risk losing our opportunity to be part of this community through inaction and we reached out to Bonnie and again hit the road for a visit. A family emergency while en route to Pecos left us with only a few hours on the ground, but we made an offer on our beautiful lot and had the good fortune to meet several of our future neighbors. Now, just short of another year later, we’re about to visit Pecos to interview builders and continue getting to know our new neighbors/friends/family (and fervently hoping we get to spend more than 4 hours there!).

The best laid plans are still not written in stone and there are so many aspects of life where we are offered little choice. We’re so grateful that becoming part of the Flock was a choice we were able to make.

Helen & Nancy

Helen and Nancy

We discovered Birds of a Feather when we were deciding what we would do after Nancy retired in mid-2015. We lived at the time in Baltimore and had both been city/suburban people pretty much our whole lives. Helen grew up in Northern Virginia, Nancy in the East San Francisco Bay area, where her family lives now.

Knowing that we weren’t going to stay in Baltimore, we needed to figure out what we wanted in a new place considering housing and cost of living climate, culture, access to scenic places to explore, opportunities for new adventure and a new network of friends and neighbors. Nancy was particularly interested in moving to the West, given her roots and family in the Bay Area and many trips throughout the West. One possibility was to move to Northern Virginia to Helen’s house, but a possibility arose where we could live in the San Francisco. maybe permanently or at least temporarily while we figured out what place would be best

Then however Nancy found Birds online. Helen was thrilled at the idea of moving to New Mexico. We had been here separately over the years and together several times — it was one of our favorite places, anywhere. We immediately came to see Birds, met Bonnie, decided to buy a lot and build, but then changed out minds when we saw the Casita for sale on Wild Wings Circle. It had everything we wanted, including a lovely interpretation of the Southwest pueblo style. Gradually meeting the neighbors, we were even more convinced that Birds was where we belonged.

We often think how lucky we are to be living here, in a real community in a place we love. Looking out on the meadow in front of our casita at dawn, at sunset, on a starry night … these moments are what we wanted. The wildlife right outside our door is a constant delight. Having Santa Fe —one of our favorite cities — just down the road makes it that much better. It was also a wonderful bonus for us, having the Pecos River and its excellent fly fishing just minutes away.

Helen continues to work as a freelancer for the Chicago Tribune doing informational graphics on science, medicine and technology. When we get more settled, Helen will return to her art (portraits and landscapes in soft pastel) and Nancy will likely explore gardening again — with a totally new world of plants and climate, so very different from gardens in the East. Nancy, who was a Professor of Genetics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, will continue to be involved in molecular biology, working on the 3rd edition of a textbook with five females authors and a new book on mobile DNA.

Sandy & Susan

When Susan and I were investigating areas in which to live in New Mexico, I decided to do a search, for LGBTQ friendly areas. Birds of a Feather popped up on my screen!

The more I read about Birds of a Feather, the more excited I was.

Finding this community, in my opinion, was serendipitous!

In no time, I called Bonnie, We had a wonderful conversation, my partner Susan spoke with Bonnie, and before we knew it, Susan was on her way, from here in Florida to meet Bonnie and take a tour of the properties.

We are now proud owners of a lot and plan to build our home in the near future. Living in an LGBTQ

community like Birds of a Feather is a dream come true for us.

We purchased our property… we also got married!


Birds of a Feather Meet Your Neighbors! Birds of a Feather Meet Your Neighbors!

Moving to Birds of a Feather Community was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

It is amazing how one person's vision has turned into an incredible reality of a beautiful place to live filled with wonderful people......
I love being here!


Birds of a Feather Meet Your Neighbors! Birds of a Feather Meet Your Neighbors!

 I’ve been coming to the Birds of a Feather property since 2004 – before lots were for sale. I fell in love with the land then and I’ve grown to love it more and more. The community we are building is fun-loving, caring, and dedicated to creating a place where everyone can live in a safe and loving environment where differences are celebrated and talents are shared. We celebrate together, work together, and share good times and bad. It is a long time dream come true and everyday I wake up and am grateful for the blessing of living here and having the opportunity to share my life with loving and caring people.

Lauren & Helen

Birds of a Feather Meet Your Neighbors! Birds of a Feather Meet Your Neighbors!

Living at Birds has enriched our lives in so many ways. We have shared good times that have created so many wonderful memories for us. We are grateful for discovering this wonderful place where we can grow old with a group of caring and loving people.